Dr. Bernalin Kaya
Orthodontic Practice


Dr. Bernalin Kaya
Heylstr. 33
10825 Berlin

Telephone 030 7889 11 44
Telefax 030 7889 11 66
Email: info@zahnboegen.de

Responsible association:
Zahnärztekammer Berlin (Berlin Dental Association)

The applicable professional regulations can be found on the website of the Dental Association Berlin.

Competent supervisory authorities:
Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung Berlin (Berlin Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists)
Zahnärztekammer Berlin (Berlin Dental Association)
LAGetSi Landesamt für Arbeitsschutz, Gesundheitsschutz und technische Sicherheit Berlin (State Office for Occupational Safety, Health Protection and Technical Safety)

The occupational title "Orthodontist" has been awarded by the Federal Republic of Germany

Responsible for content according to § 6 TDG:
Dr. med. dent. Bernalin Kaya



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Heylstraße 33
10825 Berlin-Schöneberg
Phone 030 78 89 11 44
Email info@zahnboegen.de

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